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Discover our eco-friendly cleaning products designed to thoroughly clean, disinfect and eliminate odours in the most natural way, without abusing chemicals, without synthetic perfumes and without putting your health at risk.

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Organic Hand dishwasher 1l

Organic lemon liquid dishwashing liquid for hand washing. It degreases well, has a dermoprotective action and is scented with completely biodegradable organic lemon essential oil.



Dishwasher machine BIO 1l

Environmentally friendly dishwasher gel detergent. It degreases well and makes dishes and glasses shine without leaving streaks. Does not leave petrochemical residues on dishes. Anti-odour freshness and is effective even in the ECO programme.



Organic Percarbonate stain remover for crockery, clothes and floors 15kg

Bleaching additive, stain remover and disinfectant based on natural oxygen for white and coloured garments. Now in bulk format so you can refill your container and avoid plastic consumption. Used as an addition to hand and machine wash detergent. Completely biodegradable. During washing, it develops active oxygen which sanitizes and dyes already from 30 °C both white and coloured. Dissolved in warm water, it can be used as a natural replacement for bleach to disinfect all surfaces in the house. Excellent for stain removal and soaking of washable nappies, does not damage the waterproofing of the fibres.



Citric acid: organic anti-limescale, anti-polish and softener 15kg

Respect the environment with our additive of natural origin obtained by fermentation of corn and cassava. Now in bulk format so you can refill your container and avoid plastic consumption. Easy and completely biodegradable. Ideal as a substitute for fabric softener, rinse aid and descaler. Leaves no residue on surfaces and fabrics. It is healthy for you and the environment: it does not contain silicones and quaternary surfactants, like normal fabric softeners and rinse aids, which contaminate and deposit on fibres and dishes.