Buckwheat and bulgur

Discover our buckwheat and bulgur from organic farming, ideal for accompanying your vegan recipes in the most natural way.

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La Finestra sul Cielo


100% compostable buckwheat

La Finestra sul Cielo's buckwheat is rich in nutrients and has an unmistakable taste. It is organically grown and packaged in a protected atmosphere to better preserve the nutrients of the product. It is ideal for combining with extra virgin olive oil, soy sauce, gomasio and other condiments. ....

La Finestra sul Cielo


100% compostable bulgur

Bulgur from organic farming, high in fibre and a source of protein. Easily digestible, it is ideal for adding to soups, combining with vegetables or making delicious croquettes and burgers. Packaged in a protected atmosphere to preserve all its nutrients, now in 100% compostable packaging!