What is miso? Miso is a naturally fermented paste made from soya beans and sometimes other cereals such as rice or barley.

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La Finestra sul Cielo


Shiro Miso

Shiro Miso is fermented for less than two months to achieve a more delicate and sweeter flavour than normal Miso. It is ideal to prepare sauces or creams and to accompany vegetables and cereals. Pasteurised product.

La Finestra sul Cielo


Organic Rice Miso 300 gr

Miso is the result of a well-known maturing process, lasting about a year, of soybeans, salts and cereals in large cedar vats. This process gives rise to a dark and very tasty paste which is mainly used together with the stock cubes in the preparation of soups, sauces and various condiments. Rice miso, produced from soybeans, brown rice and salt, is a very tasty and...

La Finestra sul Cielo


Mugi miso (barley miso) 300 g

Mugi miso, or barley miso, contains a high proportion of barley. Steaming the soybeans and maturing the soybeans, salts and grains for about a year in large cedar vats gives this food an unmistakable, delicate flavour. Miso is ideal for the preparation of soups, sauces and various condiments.

La Finestra sul Cielo


Hatcho miso organic

Hatcho Miso is the oldest variety of Miso and is made from soybeans and salt. It has a dark colour and a very intense flavouro....

La Finestra sul Cielo


Organic unpasteurised chickpea stew

Discover the new chickpea miso from Finestra sul Cielo. A soya-free, unpasteurised miso made with 47% organic chickpeas, fermented rice and sea salt. It is made according to traditional Japanese methods and fermented for 2 to 3 months, giving it a rich, mild flavour that combines the sweetness of chickpeas with the umami taste of traditional miso. Very versatile in the kitchen, it can be used to prepare a rich miso soup, vegetable stews, as a dressing or even to add a savoury touch to a delicious toast with tahini, avocado and chickpea miso.



Organic lacto-fermented beetroot juice

For this lacto-fermented red beet juice, only Demeter raw materials from biodynamic agriculture are used. The naturally aromatic red beet tubers are pressed to preserve all their nutrients before being combined with lactic acid, the whole process being carried out without the addition of salt. The process of lacto-fermentation is carried out without adding salt....