Spelt pasta

Spelt is known for its high content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, making spelt pasta an ideal alternative for adding to salads or combining with any kind of sauce.

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Spelt fusilli

Delicious handmade Italian white spelt fusilli. Rough texture and slightly sweet flavour. Ideal to combine with any type of sauce or to add to salads. ....

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Spelt penne

Artisan and organic Italian white buckwheat penne, made by bronze-rolling. This technique allows them to be rough and to better absorb sauces and condiments. ....

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Spelt spaghetti

Delicious spaghetti made with Italian white spelt, one of the oldest and most nutritious cereals on the planet. Compared to wheat pasta, it is more digestible, has a lower calorie content and a slightly sweet taste - ideal for combining with any kind of sauce! In addition, its packaging is 100% paper and plastic-free, thus helping to save our planet.

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Wholemeal spelt fusilli

The most authentic fusilli, made with organic spelt grown in the regions of Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Emilia Romagna. It stands out for its nutritional characteristics and its high fibre content. To combine with any kind of sauce or to make pasta salads ....

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Wholemeal spelt penne

100% wholemeal pasta made only with a type of Italian spelt called Triticum dioccum, grown in central Italy in the areas of Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Emilia Romagna. With a light sweet taste and rough texture, these penne are ideal to combine with any kind of sauce.....