Tasty and crunchy organic grissines from an Italian recipe, perfect to eat at any time of day and packed in mini-packs so you can take them with you wherever you go.

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La Finestra sul Cielo


Wholemeal Grissines with olive oil

Tasty and crunchy whole wheat grissines made with extra virgin olive oil from organic farming. No added yeast. Packaged in 4 convenient mini-packs for convenience....

La Finestra sul Cielo


Wholemeal Sesame Grissines

Wholemeal sesame Grissines from organic farming. Tasty and crunchy, made with wholemeal flour and vegetable oil. Presented in convenient mini-packs to eat at any time and anywhere....

La Finestra sul Cielo


Wholemeal buckwheat Grissines

Wholemeal spelt Grissines from organic farming. Ideal for snacking between meals or to accompany meals. Presented in convenient mini-packs....