Oat drink

Oat drink is a source of healthy fibre and improves the functioning of the digestive system.

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Gluten-free oat drink

Gluten-free oat drink made with only two ingredients: water and organic oats. In addition to being low in fat and containing no added sugars, this reference has a full-bodied texture that makes it the ideal alternative to cow's milk. Certified gluten free and 100% plant-based.

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Gluten-free organic oat drink

Gluten-free oat drink made from spring water, with no added sugars and 100% plant-based. Produced from a naturally gluten-free type of oats grown in northern Germany. It is characterised by high digestibility and high protein content. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. A unique product on the market especially for the glute intolerant consumer....

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La Finestra sul Cielo


Oat drink 1l

Delicious organically grown oat drink with no added sugar. It is an excellent alternative to milk, ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Lactose-free.