Founded in 1935 in a small ice cream parlour in Milan, the history of the Rachelli brand has spread first in Italy, then throughout Europe, and has become a world leader in the field of organic and biodynamic ice cream.

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Helado de Café Demeter BIO 100g

Are you a coffee lover? Then we have the perfect ally for you this summer. Rachelli's Delicious Coffee Ice Cream is perfect to eat at any time of the day. 100% organic with fair trade ingredients and fair trade certified. 



Helado de Chocolate Demeter BIO 100g

What better way to welcome the summer with a chocolate ice cream? Rachelli's is a real treat for your taste buds. 100% organic with fair trade ingredients and fair trade certified.



Helado de Stracciatella Demeter BIO 100g

Delicious 100% organic stracciatella ice cream by Rachelli - enjoy it on the beach, by the pool or wherever you prefer! With ingredients sourced from fair trade with fair trade certification. Store at -18°C.



Helado de Pistacho Demeter BIO 100g

What does summer taste like? Sweet and cool. With Rachelli's pistachio ice cream, summer will taste different. It is 100% organic with ingredients from fair trade with the fair trade certificate. Store at -18°C.



Helado de Vainilla Demeter BIO 100g

Enjoy this delicious ice cream by the spoonful and relive your best moments! Vanilla flavoured, 100% organic and Fairtrade. Enjoy it as a dessert, a snack or as a treat whenever you feel like it. 



Helado de Avellana BIO Demeter 100g

When the heat arrives and there's nothing else you fancy... Opt for Rachelli's hazelnut ice cream. Made with organic and fair trade ingredients. The perfect break for those with a sweet tooth. Store at -18°C.



Sorbete de Limón Demeter BIO 100g

Is there anything more refreshing and delicious than a good lemon sorbet? Well, Rachelli's is perfect for your digestion or simple moment of enjoyment. You can enjoy it alone or in company. It is 100% organic and with ingredients from fair trade with the fair trade certificate. Store at -18°C.



Helado mini sorbetti 8u bio 30g

Disfruta de este delicioso helado italiano Mini Sorbetti de Gildo Rachellli. Una exquisita combinación de sabores en 8 unidades de 30g cada una. ¡Te encantará!



Helado mini de chocolate y frambuesa 6u 315ml bio 35g

Disfruta de este delicioso helado de chocolate y Frambuesa de Gildo Rachelli. Una combinación exquisita para tu paladar. Totalmente ecológico y delicioso. Ideal para disfrutar en cualquier momento del día. Puedes servirlo como postre después de una comida, como una merienda saludable o como una golosina para los niños.