Angel Hair Konjac Paste

Original and delicious Slendier angel hair paste made from organically grown konjac. This Japanese vegetable has been used for thousands of years as an accompaniment to Japanese main meals because of its low calorie content. A light and quick-to-prepare dish ideal for mixing with a seasonal vegetable stock. In addition, it is certified gluten-free and is suitable for ...



Organic Konjac Fettuccine Pasta

Can you imagine eating real fettuccine with vegetables with hardly any calories? The secret lies in Slendier's organic konjac! A root of Japanese origin that is characterised by its high fibre content and low energy content. This pasta is the ideal alternative to traditional wheat fettuccine, which is less digestible and much higher in calories. Suitable for vegans and certified...



Noodle konjac paste

Noodles made from organic konjac. This root, originally from Japan, stands out for its low calorie and high fibre content. It is also gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Prepare an oriental dinner with Konjac noodles and a coconut and vegetable cream sauce... And you will surprise the whole family! ...



Konjac paste Rice

Surprisingly light Slendier rice made from organic konjac, an ancient vegetable of Japanese origin that has been used for thousands of years as an accompaniment to main dishes. The secret of this product is its low calorie and high fibre content, which makes it an ideal alternative to traditional rice - eating rice has never been so easy! Certified by the...



Organic Spaghetti Konjac Pasta

Delicious and surprising Slendier spaghetti made from organic konjac, an ancient Japanese vegetable used for thousands of years to accompany main meals with a very low calorie intake. A dish that is also a source of fibre and certified gluten-free. Spaghetti with vegan bolognese sauce or vegetable and tofu mix... Which one do you choose to eat? ...



Gluten-free Black Soybean Spaghetti

Would you like to try something original? Don't miss out on Slendier's latest novelty, organic Edamame gluten-free pasta. A great alternative to eat more pulses in a fun way. This pasta is much higher in protein and fibre than traditional wheat pasta. The whole family will love it and in 5 minutes you will have a pasta full of flavour.



Gluten-free edamame spaghetti

Discover Slendier's new black bean pasta. Ideal for organic pasta lovers looking to reduce carbohydrate and calorie intake, but who still want to enjoy their favourite pasta dish. A highly recommended format for its protein and fibre content. It stands out for its quick cooking time of 3-5 minutes. Try it with your favourite tomato and basil sauce, with tofu, with pesto... Never has a vegetable dish been so irresistible!

Base price -10%



Pasta konjac Penne BIO

Deliciosos y sorprendentes macarrones Slendier elaborados a base de konjac ecológico, un antiguo vegetal japonés utilizado durante miles de años para acompañar las comidas principales con un aporte muy bajo en calorías. Un plato que además es fuente de fibra y certificado sin gluten. Macarrones con salsa boloñesa vegana o mix de verduras y tofu… ¿Cuál eliges para comer? ...